Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Online art tutorials are great!

I tried out some online art tutorials this weekend.

Here’s me with my fancy art degree from university – so you’d think I wouldn’t need an online tutorial right?


There are lots of useful technical points and tips online that I never got from university – the approach there is more of an intellectual one, with emphasis on how to make art that “Says something” rather than just how to draw a face.

Or maybe it’s just that it was so long ago and I am a bit rusty and out of practice.

Anyway, all these years I have told myself that I couldn’t do portraits – that it’s one thing to draw a human face that looks like a face and anther thing to make it look like the specific person you are drawing.

I have decided it’s time to put this idea to bed and learn to do them properly.

So I have been practicing. Some days I get lucky – maybe I was focused that day and I come up with a sketch and it looks just like the person. Other days it just doesn’t.

This weekend I wanted to do a portrait of my daughter – she is such an inspiring subject for me – I can’t help it, I am her mother.

So I start doing a drawing of her from an old photo, but it just did not look right.

So with a flash of inspiration, I start doing a search online for how to draw portraits, and found some great advice.

Then I find one on how to draw children – there’s some info there about their proportions being different to adults – well duh, but the advice was specific and so I start another drawing of the same photo and whoopee – it looks just like her!

I ran out of time to finish it so it's still in rough sketch mode, but I will think about posting it soon.

So thanks to all you artists out there who put up this stuff -for free nogal.

By the way, in my searches online I came across this guy – his portraits are pretty inspiring – Henk Prinsloo – a local SA guy who now lives in the US.

He really knows how to make it look like the person.

Here is a link to his site



  1. so how much do you charge for celebrity portraits? hahahahah

  2. Hmmm - Price goes up exponentially the handsomer the celeb.

    Or maybe that should be the other way around, i.e. ugly people pay extra if they want to be made prettier than they are.
    What do you think?