Friday, March 19, 2010

So am I a collector too?

I bought a painting a few weeks ago.

My very first one. I thought it would be cool to be an art collector as well as an artist.

This idea came to me while browsing around a fantastic website called

What a novel idea – buying art online. Now I have since discovered lots and lots of online websites – many international, but this one remains the best so far.


Well, it displays the scale of each piece so you get an idea of how big it is.

It also shows you what has been recently sold so you get an idea of what other people are buying. This gets updated on a daily basis so the stuff is certainly selling.

You can also track which artists are your favourites as well as specific pieces of art.

You can search on types of art – e.g. Contemporary, (my personal choice) or on types of media.

You can also contact the artist as their email address is on there.

Plus it features local artists – and I have to say in SA we have a great standard of art and if you are going to buy something it’s not going to be shipped internationally.

It also shows what has recently been added and emails you when any of your favourite artists adds a new piece.

So I am now waiting for my purchase to arrive from Cape Town.

Garth has assured me that it has been nicely packaged with bubble wrap and a crate.

We are doing a deal whereby my husband’s work colleague will send it up on the next company truck – it’s kind of big so I am penny pinching on shipping.

So here is my purchase.

Artist is Garth Marais. He has some other great stuff too, check him out on the website or even on Facebook.

I am thinking of buying another one – but will be watching my budget for a while, plus I think it's a good idea to wait for the first one to arrive first.

Now my only problem is where I am going to put it.


  1. hmmm I know you told me about this one. I can see why you bought it. A bit too dark for my taste, but very arresting, as good art should be! bring on more piggies I say!

  2. I think it is a bit on the dark side too - it's about revenge - not really an uplifting subject but I just love the painting anyway.
    This is why I am not sure where to hang it - bedroom has the best space but I don't think it is something you should sleep under!
    Funny enough it's called "While I sleep I destroy your world"