Friday, March 26, 2010

Why I think my tango teacher is so great

I had my first argentine tango lesson of 2010 yesterday. My foot is still sore since the foot op last November so I had to take it easy and I am still dancing in takkies.
So we worked on gentle walking and building that connection that is so essential to a great tango.

I was feeling very rusty and out of practice – this was very evident to me last month when I attended my first milonga of the year – I felt and danced like a beginner and just wasn’t getting that tango feeling. I suppose having a sore foot doesn’t help.
So I started off my lesson with that same sense of inability, but Nathan got me back to that sense of tango and connection by the time we were 40 minutes into the lesson.
Nathan is a unique tango dancer, he dances with what I can only describe as an energy connection, his energy connects with your energy and when that happens the dance soars into a feeling of great connection and fluidity. It just flows.
The trick is to keep that energy flowing which is quite hard to do.
It’s why it can sometimes be difficult to follow him, if you lose touch with the energy flow you lose the connection and then you end up trying to read the lead – which with Nathan is tricky because he is so unpredictable.

The benefit of this is when dancing with someone else, it becomes so easy to follow them.
Dancing with Nathan feels like you are dancing in 3D, dancing with anyone else feels like a 2D experience.

To get that 3D experience though you need to be able to let go and allow it to flow and connect on an energy level rather than on just a physical level.
Nathan can lead without touching; he can also create an emotional connection as though two hearts were dancing instead of just two bodies.

I have only ever experienced that emotional connection with one other person, my regular tango partner.
Perhaps it comes from dancing with the same person often, or maybe it’s that with some people you don’t need to dance as though there is an emotional wall between you.

I would rather have a tango experience that is connected and emotional than one that is at arms length – which always feels a bit cold.

On the other hand I love to dance with as many people as possible – everyone brings something that is special and unique to the dance floor and every tango is a new experience.
That’s the best thing about Argentine Tango, no one dance is ever the same.


  1. ... i can relate 100%, getting into that "zone" where you share energy or you connect with your own creative energy is so essential for the artisitic process... i often experience it when i'm writing...

  2. Hmm - yes - I think i need to go to my studio now so that I can get into the zone!

  3. I just think my daughter is great, an artist and an Argentine tango dancer.....such talent, where does it all come from. I reckon I may be a bit biased being her Dad I suppose!!!!!!!!

  4. So do I have a bit of work to get there..
    and I thought we connected on our first dance.. well always need to be inspired to the next level. :p

  5. Funny how you can have the same instructor and feel the absolute opposite!!!! I connect with this same instructor only on one particular dance but the rest of the dances i feel like am dancing with a whole different person! Can't explain it ...