Saturday, April 10, 2010

Art competitions

Art Competitions

I have been checking out the array of online art competitions – there are loads.
Some are just for fun with free entry, some have small cash prizes also with free entry and some you pay an entry fee.
I am truly excited about this and have entered a free competition – it’s called “Imaginary 2” and as you might guess from the title works must be of imaginary places, ideas and things from your imagination. I have chosen “Piggy Dreams” as my entry.
You can find this competition at A Singular Creation Art Showdown
I have half a mind to enter “Leap of Faith” as well (the pig diving into a swimming pool) – since there is no limit on number of entries.
Most of these art competitions are overseas but lucky for me a lot of them are open worldwide – all made possible by the internet of course.

I added my vote to the previous competition called "Light and Dark 2" - I was too late to enter this one but my hot favourite for this one is a beautiful drawing by James Foster called "Ground Work" - you can see his work here James Foster

Then I had a look to see what the local scene has to offer in terms of art competitions.
There are not a whole lot online, and a lot of the big name ones – like Standard Bank and Absa, are only open to artists under a certain age – so that counts me out.
There is one possibility though and that is Sasol’s “New Signatures” competition which is only open to artists who have never had a solo exhibition and they don’t indicate an age limit. Sasol New Signatures
Here’s the positive note – I won a merit award in this very same competition back when I was a student so as long as I can come up with a worthy piece I am feeling quite good about entering.
Even if I don’t win anything, just getting into the exhibition would be great exposure for me.
I had best get cracking on a worthy painting though – entries close in July.

Then there all those other lovely possible competitions out there but I just don’t have a great body of work yet. I am working on it though.


  1. all the best thn my dear and yeah ... get cracking!!!

  2. I think you have more than enough talent to compete with anyone out there! :-) go for it!!!!