Monday, April 12, 2010

Painting Progress

I have done some more work on my new painting.
There is a bit more underpainting - I am playing around with colours at the moment, trying to see what will work.
The source picture I am using for the room is mostly white - white walls, white bed curtains with a blue pattern and white side tables with white lamps.
I am not sure whether to take a risk and change the colours to darker browns and reds or stick with the source - the problem with making the colours darker is it becomes more of a night time scene and then the shadows and light source will be different. I would also be working more from imagination which means it might not work.
I have an idea of how I want it to look but then I need a source that will help me achieve this.
The great thing about oil painting is I can make changes but I need to decide soon which way I want to go.
Here is the picture I am working from.


  1. Stick to source. Change source if necessary.

  2. the source picture is, static and, frankly, boring, what you've done to it is give it movement and character, emotion almost, let your imagination direct the lighting and coloures, that's what art is about anyway, any monkey can reproduce an image, and you my friend, are no monkey! ;-)

  3. ... and the warmth you've given it