Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tango Tea Party

I attended a tango tea party at The Secret Garden in Fourways this Sunday past and what a wonderful afternoon it was.

The women were all dressed beautifully – Natasha looked especially resplendent in a gorgeous purple and lilac Sunday afternoon tea party dress and with matching tango shoes as well.

I loved watching her skirt billowing in the wind while she danced.

In fact the wind got a bit too billowy and as we all moved inside to avoid the downpour, all the canopies blew over at the same time, it was lucky no one got hurt.

It was only my second milonga of the year and it took me a while to find my tango feet.

Thanks to some fantastic (and patient) partners I was soon in the full tango swing of things.

My sore foot managed a couple of numbers in my dancing shoes before I had to switch to flats, but it held out quite well for the rest of the day.

It was my first time on the new portable floor, it was slightly wobbly due to the grass underneath, but since I was in flat shoes it was not too bad. I am so happy that I finally had a go on it though.

My daughter Claire had the time of her life – all those people to be cute for! She just loves to get on the dance floor, so I ended up dancing with her more than anybody else.

In fact, she got quite jealous of Mummy dancing with anyone else, so it was a bit tricky at times to get a dance in. My husband Leo and I managed to squeeze one dance in thanks to Richard who diverted Claire’s attention long enough for one song.

We were all treated to a wonderful violin concert by Ellena – if my tango was as good as her violin playing I would be a very happy dancer indeed! She was brilliant and it was fantastic to dance to live music.

The spread laid out for us was delicious, yummy muffins, scones with jam and cream, spring rolls, sausage rolls, caramel treats and endless cups of tea and coffee.

Sadly I missed out on the after party which took place at The Fish and Wine Co at The Design Quarter, being a mother means I often miss out on lots of tango fun.

I am definitely feeling enthused to do more tango, so will be showing my face at milongas more often.

Thanks to Natasha who organized the event – it was great.


  1. No !! thank you for coming :)

  2. Let us know for the next one ... sounds like fun!