Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wow - What a night!

After Sunday’s success, I decided to attend the Tuesday night milonga at The Dance Junction in Rosebank.

I wore the same flat shoes I used on Sunday – they are not dancing shoes but have enough slide for me to do pivots and ochos in them.

I really felt in the zone last night, every tango was great, each one seeming to surpass the last.

There were quite a few new faces and I was lucky enough to dance with a couple of them, there is nothing like trying out a new partner just to see what they are like – I will confess I am a bit of a tango slut and want to dance with everybody.

I always have to struggle with the concept of waiting for the men to ask me – it is after all traditional, but it rarely seems to happen with the guys I don’t know and I am often left wondering if it is because my tango style doesn’t appeal or something else.

I suspect though it has something to do with a natural human tendency not to ask someone you don’t know because you may end up getting rejected.

The weird thing is I don’t personally have a problem with doing the asking, except that it is supposedly frowned upon for women to ask.

Maybe I should have a survey on this issue – Do you think women should wait to be asked?

I would love to know what the guys feel about this subject.

There were some great highlights for me last night, some lovely creative tango waltzes with Andrea, a rather wonderful couple of tangos with Kelvin from Cape Town, some great connection and emotional tango from Erik and an incredibly exciting set of three milongas with Ryan, who is very creative and very fast with his feet.

Thanks also to Mervyn, whose tango improves every time I dance with him, he was very patient with all my moans and groans about my foot back in February, so I hope he enjoyed our tango a bit more this time.

The best of all though was my foot held out the whole night and this morning, even though there is a bit of discomfort because it is still healing, the joint pain I used to get in my big toe after a night of dancing isn’t there!

So I am feeling rather fabulous today, with memories of a great night and an ok foot.

I just can’t wait for the next one, but will be pacing myself for a while yet until my foot is 100%.

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  1. I had a great night too, watching Barcelona get beat, with Leo lol. About the asking thing, I think most guys would be flattered to be asked to dance, provided of-course they feel they can dance well enough not to make a fool of themselves. If they did not feel confident of matching your skill on the floor, they'd be reluctant to acceed to your request. But don't let that stop you, keep asking, eventually you'd have to start beating them off with a stick once they realise its no biggie, after all its about dancing and presumably that's why they're there!