Friday, May 14, 2010

Another one done and dusted

I finally finished my latest painting. Yay! It’s the first of a series of small paintings entitled “The Walk”.

A friend and I – ok let’s name him – Marlon and I, take a walk every day of about five kms around our neighbourhood, supposedly for fitness and keeping those thunder thighs less thundery and the man boobs in check, but we find it has other, even better added benefits as well. On our walk we share our dreams, our thoughts, our current issues and our future plans. We come up with new ideas on our walks, we give each other advice and we motivate each other to achieve the greatness we both feel we deserve.
He is about the best friend a person could have and I cherish our walks; I can tell you right now I know he does too.
So I came up with the idea of preserving something of this time in our lives with a series of paintings depicting scenes from our walk, especially the paths we walk on.
I took some photos of some of the best places from a composition point of view and have started the series with the one above.
I have begun another two; one is of a small piece of veld which is currently displaying cosmos in all its autumn glory. The other is of a fabulous grey tree on the side of the road. If you want to check it out it’s on CR Swart road just before it meets Drysdale/Elnita in Boskruin bordering Northwold.
I started with some colour washes and I am interested to see that it looks very cool just as it is, very fresh and almost abstract, I am now wondering if I should leave it as is – maybe it’s a new style for me?

Other interesting news is I received a message from an editor of a Croatian Arts and Culture magazine via an online gallery I am a member of called Artbreak, inviting me to submit an artist’s statement and an image of one of my works for a book they want to publish about artists worldwide. He says they have about 65 artists so far and when they have 75 to 100 they plan to publish. Every artist included in the book will receive a free copy. He told me I have great talent.
So I have begun writing a nifty piece all about myself and my art, which I will submit to his magazine and then hold thumbs I get put in a book.

Well, it’s almost time for Marlon to show up for our five k motivational, man boob reducing, thigh slimming bonding session.

Gotta go.


  1. jees, dunno what you did to it from yesterday to today, but you've brought it to life, its conveys motion and movement, very fluid. looking at it's like dejavu from our walk. nice one!

  2. Thanks Marlon. Just a dab of complementary red colours to break up the green plus a pinch of cerulean blue here and there in the shadows - I guess it's a bit like adding seasoning to a meal - gives it flavour!

  3. Hey Karen, your work is exquisite, refreshing and delightful. Keep the good work up because it will be rewarded. Well done my friend!

  4. Thank you Amelia. It is wonderful to receive such positive feedback. Thanks also for taking the time to check out my blog.
    Watch this space, I have almost completed the next one in the series.