Friday, May 21, 2010

Books glorious books

I love reading more than anything. More than painting, more than TV and yes, more than tango.
I can go days without doing the tango or painting or watching TV but I get very twitchy without a book to read. I have been addicted since I learnt to read, if I am not working and have the time I can go through a book a day. When I choose a novel it has to be the thickest one I can find, else it’s over before I feel I‘ve even started.

Since buying books that only last me a couple of days gets expensive, I have always belonged to a library. As a child I was allowed two books every two weeks (library rules) but lucky for me I got to use my brother and sister’s library cards too, so that gave me five books for the two weeks. (my brother was young so he only got one card) Lovely. I always read them all in the two weeks and didn’t waste any time going back for more.

I currently belong to the Olivedale library, I am allowed six books over three weeks, but since I became a parent I always have to renew them for a further three weeks.
It’s not too bad as libraries go and it’s close to home.

Occasionally I will buy a book. If I read something in the library that I really liked and it seems worth keeping, I look for the book online and buy it. Here’s what I want to share with you. It’s called Loot and is one of the cheapest places I have found on the net for south Africans to buy brand new books. you don't have to worry about customs duty issues either like you do when you buy stuff overseas. Delivery is free too, if you order over R225.
Then there is a wonderful second hand bookshop I discovered a few weeks ago in the Randridge Mall. It's next to the coffee shop and opposite Pick and Pay. I popped in there to buy some children’s books for Claire and met a fellow bookworm and talkative, sunny personality called Dorothy who owns the shop.
She was so friendly and so helpful that I walked out with more books than I had intended, including a fascinating book by RW Johnson called South Africa’s Brave New World : The Beloved country Since the End of Apartheid. This book will make you want to vote anything but the ANC.

I also recently read and then bought one of the best books you will read for motivation, inspiration and how to succeed. It’s called The Success Principles – How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by Jack Canfield – the guy who did the Chicken Soup books. This book will keep you awake at night, you will be that inspired to succeed. One thing he says that will inspire you is that it is possible to make a living by following your passion.
I still have my library copy but I am taking it back soon, so you could go to the Olivedale library and read it for free, but, Dorothy has first dibs.


  1. Great book that, by Canfield. Oh and there's another gem of a second-hand-book store just around the corner at the Boskruin centre right next to woolies, that's where I get my regular fix ;-)

  2. Oh and is good, as you say. Have bought a few book from them myself, including some copies of my own book :-). No mess no fuss, just good efficient service.