Monday, May 10, 2010

Metro Milonga

I get a call from my dad this week saying “Hey I read your blog, now I wanna come and watch you dance tango.”

“Oh ok” I say, “but you might be bored, I spend most of the evening on the dance floor.”

“That’s ok” he says, “I will come in my own car so if I want to leave early I can.”

There’s a catch though, in return for the pleasure of him attending a tango night, I have to agree to attending a musicians' get together in Marks Park to watch him play Blues Harp.

This is not a problem – I am sure it will be very entertaining so I look forward to the occasion.

He has been practicing for years and this is the first time he’s done any performing in public, I am told he is rather good. Watch this space; I will let you know how it goes.

I told him if he can learn to play the bandoneon I will get him lots of live gigs – ha ha!

He says he’s strictly a blues kinda guy.

So anyway, I had a great time at the milonga which was held at Metro in Benmore Gardens. I had a wonderfully unexpected dance with Natasha who is really quite good at leading. She also has a nice flow to her dancing which I like. She came over and gave me the Argentinian nod, so cool! It was definitely an evening for the girls because we were given a lovely demo by Sonia and Tracey – Sonia in the lead. Hey guys, maybe we should have two chaps doing something together, just for something different?

I was definitely feeling a lot better on the dance floor, wearing a dress and my dancing shoes with HEELS does help things along in the tango feeling department.

My foot held out for the whole night, though I was landing my right foot a bit skew to avoid too much pressure on my big toe joint, so it may have looked a bit weird to anyone watching.

It’s a bit sore today though, it may well be an ugly shoes evening on Tuesday in Rosebank.

Erik and Pater got into a discussion about the merits of harmonica in tango music, so perhaps Pa will have a bash at it and we get another live music event. Think he may need another instrument to accompany him – any volunteers?

It seems he had a good time last night, he didn’t leave early – I usually stay to the very end because I don’t get to milongas often so want to make the most of it and he let me have a couple of last minute dances with Ryan just as we were about to leave, so thanks for that Pa.

Also big thanks for showing me how to get to the parking in front of the restaurant, I could never find the entrance so always end up being one of two cars in the downstairs parking garage – it’s a bit creepy down there all by yourself.

I have got tango music in my head all morning and I can’t wait for the next milonga.


  1. you should compile all your tango blogs and publish the tango diaries later this year... love your writing style... like being there...

  2. Hey I like the sound of that - "The Tango Diaries"

    I could self illustrate as well - ha ha!

  3. Why should the guys dance with guys when it is so much better dancing with a woman?

  4. I wasn't suggesting an entire night of it.

  5. All the replies to your posting, would it be safe to call it a 'blog roll'...mmm just a thought