Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More of The Walk series and a special tango couple

This weekend past the creative juices were flowing and I finished off three paintings.

In a previous post I showed a picture of a work in progress from The Walk series of a grey tree in Cr Swart road.
I wanted to see how it would look as a more completed painting so over Friday and Saturday I added lots more to it. Then I heard that a friend liked the painting very much – Before the changes – in other words the one I posted in its raw state.
So I decided to do another one of the same tree, but keeping the rawness and freshness.

It has a more expressive feel to it and I must say I quite like it.
So here they both are – hope you like them.

A long while back I painted a small painting of pink tango shoes, called, unsurprisingly, Pink Tango Shoes. I decided I didn’t like it as it was, so I made it smaller and bought a wooden frame the right size.
I then painted the frame in dark pink tones to enhance the pink of the shoes.
It looks a lot better now.
Here it is.

On the tango front, I met Daniella and Ariel, a professional tango teaching and performing partnership from Argentina, on Saturday night at a tango braai. Ariel did the braaing and he is a master! The meat was superb, but it had to compete with Daniella’s special garlic, olive oil, lemon and herb sauce, which is the most incredible taste sensation ever. We had a mini milonga afterwards and all got turns to dance with them – it was just great – they are really good.
Daniella tells me she has only been dancing for four years, so she must have put in a lot of practice!
My husband Leo, being South American himself, hit it off with them and happily chatted in Spanish all night. He had such a good time that on Sunday we took them out to see the soccer stadium at Soccer city and for lunch afterwards. He bought them tickets to see Argentina play in the world cup, so I reckon he has some friends for life.
Lucky for me they were very happy to give me some tango lessons in exchange, we start next week. These two have a very interesting story on how they came to South Africa, if they let me I will tell you all about it in a future post. They are here to experience the country and to teach and perform some tango while they are about it.

I was hoping to go to the Tuesday night milonga tonight, but it seems I have caught a cold today so it is a quiet night in for me. I am sure my fellow dancers will thank me that I didn’t spread the germs.


  1. did think of you tonight at the milonga but it was very quiet.
    wrote a poem last week about tango and thought of you. You know when you feel so strongly about something that the words just come gushing out and and you barely have to order them ???

  2. there's definitely something special about that tree karen, both pictures convey a potent sense of movement, or rather animated life, i can't find the right words, but its like the tree knows that it is being painted and is actually striking a pose... and i'm not surprised that you chose to paint it. lol tango braai, now theres a new expression for me, i had vivid images of chicken legs and lamb jobs entiwined in a tango on the braai grill lol

  3. Thanks for the comments Natasha and Marlon.
    Natasha - I am impressed you wrote a poem - any chance you would do a guest post on here and share it?
    As for the tango braai - ha ha - what an image!

  4. the trees are lovely ... both of them ... i love the shape, movement and colour- lovely palette .... the second one freer than the first .. both are lovely ! >>> Gina

  5. Thanks Gina, and thanks for reading my blog.