Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Only twenty four hours in a day

I have a general feeling of urgency and sometimes frustration.
I want to get into my studio more and just paint, but until I am famous and raking in the dough – I still gotta keep as many hours as possible with my day job of programming.
The funny thing is, when I was younger and had graduated with an art degree, I really, really wanted to be a programmer. I worked hard and believed in myself and eventually I got there. I am sure that as maths and art were my two favourite subjects at school, this has become a running theme in my life.
Then of course there is this thing called Argentine Tango, which got its hook into me and I want to be really good at that too. Here’s the thing, all three need lots of time and dedication to get good. Here’s the other thing – every day has only 24 hours in and some of them are needed for sleeping. Being a mother to a two year old isn’t helping, it’s not a complaint – parenting is the greatest joy I have ever experienced, but it really does eat into those hours.
I gave up TV a couple of months ago, you know how lovely it is to veg in front of the goggle box after a long day, and there are occasional days when I say stuff it and do the veg thing – but I am selective about what I watch.
So You Think You Can Dance has ended but America’s Got Talent has just started, thank goodness for PVR – I can record and watch later, even if it takes a few days for me to get to them.
Luckily I don’t live in Uruguay – they have 24 hour tango TV!
So the evenings when I used to goggle eye the goggle box I now spend programming, which gives me an hour or two in the day for painting.
I need the day because natural light is important otherwise the colours come out all wrong.
I want to spend more than just a couple of hours though, which is the frustrating part.
I picked my daughter Claire up from school yesterday a bit earlier than usual – she’s going through an emotional clingy phase – and I asked her if she wanted to come and paint in Mummy’s studio.
She was keen – Claire LOVES to paint – so I set up her little table with brushes, paper and paint and the two of us spent just under an hour in my studio.
She got bored after a while and then of course started touching everything, including standing barefoot on an old not yet dry palette.
So I had to call it a day, but not before I finished up my latest painting in The Walk series. It’s a piece of veld at the corner of CR Swart where it meets Elnita and .Kowie Road in Boskruin.
I captured the scene just in time because the grass has been cut now and all the cosmos is gone.

Oh and before I forget, yeah right – it has been buzzing in my head since it happened, I have been published by an online Arts and Culture magazine called Novo Slovo.
I had to write a piece about me and my art and include a painting.
Here is the link.Karen Steffano - Introspection

As for tango, I did attend a fantastic tango breakfast at Doppio Zero in Rosebank on Sunday, I got to dance with my husband Leo (he hardly ever comes to tango) and it was fun.
I missed the Tuesday night milonga – I didn’t sleep well the night before so had an early night instead. I have considered going to Bert and Brigitte’s one tonight in Northcliff, but if I don’t get there I have been invited to a tango braai this weekend so will get my fix then.


  1. bloody hell karen, you've done it again, from yesterday to today you've brought the cosmos alive, beautiful painting! undisputed talent!

  2. oh gosh gee thanks Marlon. I have a love hate relationship with this painting - I can't decide if it is any good or not. Sometimes I think it looks great and other times I think I should have spent more time on it.