Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tango, Paintings and fine art ownership

My first fine art purchase arrived last night!

The painting I bought from Garth Marais, a talented contemporary artist in Cape Town, was shipped up to me and eventually got to my door.

I am immensely pleased with it. It looks even better than I imagined and I am impressed with Garth’s talent.

So here it is, hanging in my lounge!

It’s called “While I sleep, I destroy your world.”

It’s about revenge.

I am not into revenge or anything, it’s just that I loved the creativity, aesthetics, thought and workmanship that went into the piece, not to mention its wonderful uniqueness.

I may need to make a plan about my orange cushions though, they just don’t go!

There is something magical about owning a unique piece of art, I can see why art collectors get such a buzz from it. If you have never tried it you don’t know what you are missing!

As for my own art, well today I finished another painting, this time it’s an impressionist landscape of a gorge in Magaliesberg.

I am going to leave it aside for a week or so and then have another look at it, there may be some finishing touches I might add; in fact I am wondering if it would look better if I jazzed up the colours a bit.

Here it is:

Now the tango. I went to the usual tuesday night milonga in Rosebank, and discovered that I struggled to get into the zone this time.

Maybe it was the takkies I was dancing in, but I seemed to be making lots of following errors and just couldn’t find any flow. Apologies to my partners – it really wasn’t you!

Later in the evening things improved a bit, I kind of found my tango feet in the end and ended off the night with some wonderful tango.

Based on my survey about women asking men to dance, - the vote was mostly in favour - I decided to give this a bash and was pleased with the response. So I got at least an extra dance or two that I might have had to sit out. Another thing I have noticed is that some of the beginners I danced with a while back are no longer beginners and are becoming wonderful dancers who are a real pleasure to dance with.

Our tango scene here has so many dancers who are really, really passionate about tango, which means the growth in ability and numbers in a short number of years is remarkable.

Tango is an addiction, once you get the bug it takes you over, so that when you buy a dress for example the main criterion becomes “But can I do voleos and ganchos in it?”

There is something wonderful about getting together with all the other addicts and knowing you share this passion for tango – it’s a sense of knowing we have a special secret that the rest of the world i.e. the non tango innocents, are missing out on.

It is quite a difficult dance, so only the really passionate stick it out, it’s also difficult to explain to a non-tango person what it’s about because unless you are watching show tango there isn’t really much to see, but to me it is about the feeling the dance gives you, when you connect emotionally with your partner and the music flows between and around you. It’s a form of artistic expression, yet it is an emotional one too.

Roll on to the next evening I am able to attend a milonga!


  1. Howzit ou cherrie,

    Wne I saw your piktcha I really thought it was a photo. Only when I enlarged it did i see it was talent. Ok - good one. Where is it. Hey look - if you can add me to the painting - me standing on the edge of the kloof and urinating into its depths maybe, then I will buy it!!! I wanna be a Karen Kollecta!!!

    I am off to Lichtenburg tomorrow. If I see anything paintable I will take a pic of it and mail it to you.

    Good on you for the Tango thing - I on the other hand get my kicks chewing on a lekker hot toasted cheese with warm tomato and herbs, a bit of pepper and a smidgin of ham.

    That is why I weigh 100kg and you weigh 70!!

    Hang loose.


    PS the painting you bought would give me nightmares!!! There was a movie with the same sort of theme - man in the iron mask I think it was. Brrrrrrrrr!!!!

    Why does this thing ask me for a profile??? I dont have one!!!!

  2. Listen up Duif, If you stand sideways then you mos end up with a profile - capish?

    If you send me a photo of yourself urinating into a gorge, I will consider adding it to the painting.
    Would you like it to scale or do you prefer larger than life?

  3. Hey Karen, congratulations on your purchase, as you know. The guy's definitely got something, no doubt about it. The painting is quite engaging and even disturbing on a level, and the title is spot on! I think that what art should be about, conveying a sense of something, whether it be revenge or fun or whatever, and I guess only talented artists are able to capture the raw emotion. Nice one!