Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tuesday Milonga and a couple of zebras

A few weeks ago I ran a survey on whether I should finish my zebra painting started at age 16 and never completed.

As per popular vote, I decide to finish it.

Here it is.

It’s not going to be making it into the top galleries but maybe when I am famous and/or dead it will be worth something –aka – the artist’s early developmental period blah, blah, fishpaste.

Ah well, at least it has a bit of sentimental value

Now the tango.

I had fun last night at the milonga, notwithstanding the ugly shoes.

I got lots of dances – yay, but I also spent a bit of time watching the ladies footwork.

Things are looking up in this department, I noticed some lovely footwork - one woman in particular was really very good at gently closing her feet and then taking the next step, it was nice to watch.

I mentioned in my previous post that it would be fun for a couple of guys to dance together and maybe it’s just serendipity or maybe they read my post, because Richard and Ryan danced a few tangos together last night, including a couple of milongas – what fun plus they were both pretty good at following!

Natasha also took Richard for a spin with her as the lead and it looked like they were both handling it pretty well. So it seems there was lots of experimental tango going on last night.

I wonder what we’ll all get up to next.

I was dancing with Vladi and at one point we found ourselves doing the rumba, well it was more a tango with a rumba feel, or could have been a rumba with a tango feel – whatever - then when a Viennese waltz type song came on we debated doing one but then decided we were both a bit out of practice so played it safe with sticking to tango.

Have you ever found yourself slipping into another style just for fun?

I usually find that if I do ballroom stuff it ends up looking and feeling like an argentine tango – I can’t help myself – the tango just feels soooo much better.

Ok – it’s confession time – hands up all those who have started up one kind of dance and ended up doing tango?

Hands up all those who have ever done a voleo or a tango sidestep while standing in a queue?

Hands up all those who have been to Buenos Aires or are planning to go there soon?

Ok – me first – all my hands are up!


  1. .... and what does it all mean, starting on path and deviating to another.... cue twilight zone music her...cha cha cha

    nice read k, hope you publish a book on your tango diaries... go deeper explore the contact during the dance, the looks, the hidden expressions, the tention of the arse, you know, all the important stuff...

  2. My arse is not tense when I dance tango!

  3. Anal retentive personality does not a good tango dancer make.