Sunday, June 20, 2010

Insomnia update – am I cured?

Well it’s been about three weeks since I started the sleep restriction program designed for me by the sleep doctor specialist guy. The first week was the toughest but I survived – just.

Near the end of the second week though, I managed four consecutive nights of solid sleep without sleeping pills. Since these nights were still restricted – six and a half hours, I was still pretty wasted during the day, as there was an accumulation of lack of sleep too.

Most of these successful nights took place while I was on a short three day break at a lodge next to the Kruger Park. When I got home again I found myself using pills again.

I was quite pleased with my results so far though, and was looking forward to sharing them with the sleep doc at my appointment that week with him.

He went through my sleep diary and declared it quite good; I guess there must be some insomniacs out there worse off than me. We discussed my four successful nights and he said it screamed loud and clear that something about my home life was stressing me, since my good nights were while I was away. He gave me the details of a psychologist/ psychiatrist guy who could help me in coping with my stress.

I haven’t had a holiday for a while so I guess I needed it. Last December I was laid up after my foot operation – which was also quite a stressful event.

Anyway, I gave it a lot of thought and realized that it was most likely financial stress that was sitting in the back of my mind and keeping me awake at night.

I have a very low debt threshold, my credit cards are always paid in full every month and I won’t feel truly satisfied until our house is paid off.

You could call me Susie Ormon with the way I try to handle my finances. My mother is tickled by the way I was planning my retirement at age 15.

The troubles all started in the latter part of my pregnancy with my daughter Claire– I would wake up at weird early times in the morning and not be able to go to sleep. After she was born all that waking up at all hours of the night wasn’t helping.

The clue here is that when I was seven months pregnant, Leo and I moved into a bigger more expensive house and suddenly I was dipping into my savings to survive – I work on a contract basis and don’t get maternity pay.

Well, now that I knew the cause of my insomnia, I could control it, and after a couple more nights I dropped using the sleeping pills.
I am happy to announce that I have had five consecutive nights in a row without pills and they have been between seven and eight hours of good solid sleep.

I haven’t called the shrink yet, maybe I won’t need to.


  1. So just recognising the problem for you was enough to solve it ? I wish my emotional issues were that easy.. :) very glad you are sleeping.. does that mean we will see you at the milonga tomorrow ?

  2. I won't be able to make it tonight as Leo has gone to watch soccer - Uruguay vs Mexico in Rustenberg, so I will be at home with Claire.