Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Insomnia update

Despite being oh so tired, I decided to go to the Rosebank milonga last night.

I was surprised to find I was dancing quite well, plus I got a nice dancing tip from Ariel and Daniela, the visiting tango couple from Argentina, which helped ease the pain in my foot – it’s all in the way I step.

I felt as though every guy there was leading me so well – but maybe it was me – perhaps being so tired means I can’t think so I just follow instead?

I got home just before midnight , took two disprin and an anti-anxiety pill ( the sleep therapy is making me anxious at bed time – will I sleep, won’t I sleep, that kind of thing).

Lay there for two hours, nothing, just thoughts in my head. So I get up and take quarter of a sleeping pill, spill water all over my jammies in the dark, fumble for my cell phone which also becomes a nifty torch, find new jammies and crawl back into bed.

Lie there thinking for a few hours more, alarm goes off at 5.30 (I am cheating here – it is supposed to be 5am).

When I go to bed I am also only allowed to stay in bed 20 minutes – if I don’t fall asleep I must get up and read a book until I get sleepy, but it must be a boring book. Here’s the thing, I was too tired to get up.

I don’t think I slept, perhaps I drifted now and then but I was awake just about all night.

So when I said I was beyond tired yesterday, I lied. Now I am beyond tired.

My sleep diary the sleep doc guy gave me only has three tick boxes for how I feel when I wake up. Very refreshed – who is he kidding?

Somewhat Refreshed – I wish

and Fatigued. That’s more like it.

So far I have ticked the third box every day. Today I need a fourth box and maybe even a fifth box – Very fatigued and Extremely fatigued.

I had a cup of tea just now so I am typing this on a caffeine buzz.

It’s going to be a fun day.


  1. Amiga I hope this starts working soon. Pamina

  2. Thanks Pamina. I look forward to the post headed "I cured my insomnia!!"

  3. Insomnia is enough to keep you awake at night. Difficult to forget about it and have a good nights sleep. People without insomnia don't seem to worry about it as much. Maybe that's why they sleep better. You should try a 24 hour tango marathon, you would definitely win. The best advice I can give is to sleep on it before you make a decision about your insomnia. (Erik ducks to avoid the objects being flung at him) Procrastination is easier to cure, you just put it off until tomorrow, the procrastination, that is.

  4. Ha ha Erik - very funny.
    Tread very carefully - I am having a sense of humour failure day!!!

    Well not really, just don't have any energy to fling things at you.
    Will just tread on your foot at the next milonga.