Monday, June 14, 2010

Soccer crazy SA

It’s world cup soccer time at last and you can feel the excitement, the joy and the cameraderie all over. On friday my husband Leo and I were driving back from a place called Ngwenya Lodge bordering the south end of the Kruger Park and we got caught in the traffic from Pretoria made up of mostly soccer fans on their way to the fan park near Centurion.
We had been given three days free stay using a friend’s timeshare so were returning from a relaxing mid week bush holiday. The vuvuzelas were sounding all the way back from Nelspruit onwards and once we hit the fan park traffic, you could feel the soccer fever.
Everyone was laughing, smiling, blowing their vuvuzelas and waving at each other.
Most cars had one or more flags, one car had all the flags – one for each nation and had lettering on the side and back “Yes I can”.
Nobody seemed to mind the slowness of the traffic, it was an opportunity to look into each car window and check out the flag painted faces, weird and colourful curly wigs and just about everybody was wearing a soccer shirt.

My husband Leo has gone mad and has bought tickets left and right for various soccer games. He is from Uruguay so naturally he supports the Uruguayan team.
Here’s the strange thing – it seems to me that Uruguay have been left out. Every time I go past a place that displays all the national flags, Uruguay isn’t there.
Every street seller selling flags has all the nations, but not Uruguay.
Leo and I searched and searched – every weekend he tried various sport vendors selling soccer shirts etc, but no Uruguay to be found.
I made a mistake one day when I saw a street seller with the Argentine flag – I knew the Uruguay flag was blue stripes and a sun, so when I saw the Argentine flag and noted blue stripes and sun, I promptly bought it for Leo, but was disappointed to learn it wasn’t Uruguay but Argentina. Being a tango freak I support them too, but my first team of choice is of course South Africa, but getting an SA flag was no problem at all.

So I have been wondering – why is Uruguay being ignored?
Leo did finally manage to find a giant size Uruguay flag, which he plans to wear draped over his shoulders to the next Uruguay match. This is to make up for not having the Uruguay shirt.
If anybody driving around spots a Uruguay flag either in a group display or for sale, I wanna know about it.
It’s got thin blue stripes – a bit like the Greek flag, but with a yellow sun in one corner.
Happy hunting – I defy you to find one!

On a positive note, I really enjoyed watching the World cup concert on thursday night, the highlight of which was watching Shakira in action. She has such a stage presence, is super sexy and her hip action is amazing.
I want to be Shakira in my next life.
A sobering thought, when my two year old hits her twenties and is ready to enjoy pop music, Shakira will be pushing the wrong side of 50. Yikes!
As for me, well, lets not even go there!


  1. Shakira will still look good at 50. Am hunting for tjis Uruguay flag and all!!

  2. Good luck, though I was at the doctor's rooms this morning as my daughter has an eye infection, and noticed the Uruguay flag hanging with a bunch of others - so it's not all bad!