Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Dad's On-stage Debut at Moyo - Visit to Zoo Lake No. Two

So how was the blues harp sensation’s debut I imagine you are all asking?
Well, the trip to Zoo Lake had it’s ups and downs – we arrived there around 11.30 and spotted busloads of people arriving at Moyo – oops! Turns out we had just missed the Spanish team having their breakfast, and the whole of Moyo was pre-booked by soccer fans wanting to have a nice lunch before scooting off to the big final.
Or maybe they had all read my previous blog posting and were dead keen to see my dad play!

So anyway, after a big fat fight with my latin temperament husband over not having anywhere to sit, we finally got a table for the nine of us and had something to eat. Sadly some of the orders were simply forgotten, my order arrived cold and I had to send it back, but the chicken strips and chips I ordered for my daughter Claire were outstandingly nice and I pinched most of them.
I know what I’m gonna order next time.
Despite the food and the waiting problems, the vibe was great, all the fans were in a big fat party mood and things were generally very jolly.
The real nice thing about this Moyo is the informality – some people had their dogs with them – we spotted a cute bull terrier puppy wearing a pink jacket and a denim skirt! Work it baby!

My dad was in his element – he is a big showman at heart and his playing was very good.
Not sure where the American accent came from but maybe it is a prerequisite for playing blues! Only problem was his microphone got accidently turned way down and we couldn’t hear half of it. The other guys in the band were good too, they have a trumpet player who is fantastic; turns out he used to do some ballroom dancing so I got him to do the mambo with me while he was waiting for the next set.
His Argentine Tango needs work though!

As for the Art Exhibition, we managed to find it this time and I spent a lovely hour or so smooching with the artists. I almost bought a painting from Terenia Butler; it was an exquisite image of two boats, with the sea almost an abstraction of colour rather than actual sea. I don’t have the money to spend at the moment but if I see it again I will be sorely tempted.
I also met Steve Jones, a talented wildlife artist who used to be a factory worker and is now a full time artist. His technical ability with pastels is amazing!
Some of them, like Steve and Terenia, make a full time living from their art, so there is hope!