Friday, July 16, 2010

Shifty Boobs at the Marakesh Lounge

Some girlfriends and I decided that we had not had a girls night out for a while, so Kez ,who seems to be the most organized, managed to get about seven of us to agree to a suitable night.We are all very busy so finding a night that fits all is tricky, especially Maureen, who is the most dedicated and hard working person I know, she even works weekends – she’s nuts but she loves her job.
So Kez booked us a table at the Marakesh Lounge in Bryanston. It was my first visit there – great Arabian nights vibe, with low tables and cushions for those so inclined to lounge on the floor, but I was glad we had a real table because otherwise the jeans cutting into the tummy factor limits the eating possibilities. It’s basically a cross between a bush retreat and a gigantic Arab tent, with the temperature to match.

Luckily they gave us blankets, when I checked my dashboard upon leaving it was 1 degree outside. Which means it was about 3 degrees inside – they had a big fireplace but it wasn’t lit and the three small bar heaters were perfect for my mother’s 50 square meter house, but not doing much in a huge outdoor indoor tent type thing. Plus the five people standing around the heaters, blowing hands and stamping feet weren’t helping because they were blocking the small amount of heat available.
I noticed they had reserved a big table – all laid out with lots of yummy cupcakes.
Hmm – how come we didn’t have any? Seems they brought their own; I didn’t realize it was bring your own cupcake night.

We proceeded to have a fun evening – Thanks again for those blankets and our coats and scarves - Maureen and Helen kept their old man Scrooge gloves on throughout the meal. We are all dance fans in one way or another and were anticipating the belly dancing floor show, but our meal was just about done and nothing exciting had happened – even the cupcakes were untouched.

Eventually a gorgeous, voluptuous, young woman came out in a full on floaty chiffon belly dancing outfit, with loads of hip and belly showing and just a sparkly bra on top – yikes! Her dancing was fascinating – how did she isolate all those different body parts?
It was very sensual and very appealing. Her arms and hands were so graceful, very different from my chicken-wing arm styling, and she could do weird things with her boobs – popping them out all by themselves and shifting them left and right without moving anything else – amazing!

She invited us to come for lessons – said we were the only ones showing much interest in her performance, apparently the first one is free.
I have tried it before and I found it quite difficult, and after all the years of trying to get my tango right do I really want to battle with this one as well?
Besides, who will I do it with? Not my husband, who cracked up laughing when I tried out my pole dancing moves a few years ago. Maybe I will do it in front of the mirror and admire myself or something.
Anyway, we were all in high spirits and thought if anything it would be good for a laugh, so have agreed to find one mutually agreeable night and all go together.
Our new belly dancing friend didn’t hang about though – she had a pressing engagement – with her clothes!

So here I am lying in bed trying to read a book to unwind ready for the land of Nod, but them shifty boobs keep “popping” into my mind, so I've decided to write this post instead.


  1. thanks for the lovely visual ;-)

  2. Well I guess I did make the cupcakes sound quite delicious didn't I?

  3. Te he he he he ... good one Karen!!!