Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Wonderful Tango Evening and a Portrait of My Daughter

Most of us in the South African tango community have had the joy and pleasure of meeting, dancing with and being entertained by Ariel and Daniela, the visiting tango performers and teachers from Argentina.
They came here on what was supposed to be a working holiday for the world cup, not knowing anybody except some shady promoter person who hadn’t organized anything as promised, then soon got adopted first by Erik and then the rest of the tango crowd following suit.
Within days of their arrival they were wowing us with their fabulous dancing and amazing choreography, those women lucky enough to get a dance or two with Ariel will probably agree that he is an absolute dream to dance with, his skill at leading only surpassed by his creativity on the dance floor. I want to kidnap him and keep him here!
I also had the pleasure of several lessons with them and got to learn some great new stuff.

Then of course, some very lucky and special dancers in our Johannesburg crowd were given the chance to take part in a grand finale show, they were given all the training needed and everything beautifully choreographed by Daniela and Ariel.
The show took place at Cantare in Monte Casino on Sunday night and the place was jam packed with tango enthusiasts.
All I can say is congratulations to all of you for a fantastic show and for managing some of those very tricky lifts. So the timing was a bit out, but nobody cared as the dancing of each individual couple was wonderful to watch.
So, well done Erik, Natasha, Emma, Ryan, Tania and Paddy.
Daniela and Ariel did some lovely numbers on their own too, the best was seeing the connection they have as a couple which for me is what tango is all about.
I took my dad to see the show and treated him to dinner as well, since it was his birthday the following day, and he totally loved it.

I will be sad to see them go home to Argentina, they are such nice people and have made lots of friends all over the country. They are leaving us this coming Sunday morning, but have promised they will be coming back next year January for two or three months.

I will be looking forward to seeing them again and will definitely sign up for more tango lessons.

On a brighter note – I have finally finished my latest portrait of Claire, it is of her aged two, in her pretty white dress my mother bought her last summer. This one is for me – it’s much too personal to sell.
I think I really captured her likeness and personality with this one so I am quite pleased with it.

Hope you like it.