Saturday, July 10, 2010

You're Cracking Me Up - Another Crunchy Session With My Chiropractor

I went to see my chiropractor, Craig Lyons this week. I have been having a small issue with a sore neck and he has been patching me up, so this was a follow up appointment.
Last week I could hardly move my neck and now I feel great!
He says it is the operation on my foot that is causing it, because I still have to favour the big toe joint slightly when I walk and it is pulling my entire body out of alignment.
He did tell me that of all the bunion ops he’s seen, mine has shown the best result – this is because I am desperate to tango in heels again and have been doing toe joint stretching every day religiously.

I want to share what it is like to visit Craig.
He is the most affable, friendly, warm guy you will ever meet. He is also very popular, unsurprisingly. I feel good when I go there and even better when I leave, and it’s not just that he is so good at what he does.
He just makes it feel like you are having coffee with a best friend, except without the coffee. Instead I get a massage with his vibrating machine – which always makes me say “Errrrrrrr” – it’s kind of weird lying on your tummy with your head in a hole, and the noise that comes out is hilarious. Well actually, not really, but he made me cry with laughing when he said it sounds like I have Tourettes syndrome.
Then he hits me with a hammer in special spots, and after all that I get some lovely crunchy hugs.

There is a particularly satisfying crunchy crack sound from your bones falling back into place. I love it. Craig says I am addicted to crack. Ha ha!

The only disappointment is the session only lasts half an hour, and I always feel like we have just got the conversation under way. Both of us talk at speed, trying to get everything we want to share in our allotted half an hour.
He is also a fountain of info on the best places to get good deals on furniture – like beds for sore backs. In fact, he is a fountain of information on just about everything and highly entertaining with it.

I started seeing Craig a few years ago when I first went to the podiatrist working with him for my problem foot. Eventually she referred me to him for patch up therapy on it as he is a specialist on feet. So I would do a whole pile of dancing, and he would patch me up for the next round of dancing.
He is not exactly round the corner from me, it’s about 12 ks from my door to his practice, but I won’t consider going anywhere else.
If you need a chiropractor in the future, you won’t regret going to Craig.
You will find him at the Naturally Yours Health Center, just off Main Road in Bryanston.

The only thing is you may need to plan ahead because he gets pretty busy.
The great thing about it though is he is brilliant at structuring his appointments on time; Not once have I waited more than two or three minutes for mine.
In any event he has a marvelous supply of recent magazines that normal people read – no Financial Mail or boring medical newsletters so waiting is actually fun – almost as fun as seeing Craig!

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