Sunday, July 4, 2010

Zoo Lake

Last week I had a brainwave and decided to look up Artists Under The Sun on the internet. For those who don’t know, this is an organization of artists that exhibit once a month in the park at Zoo Lake in Rosebank. I last went to this exhibition when I was still at university over twenty years ago. It was quite big, lots of artists and consisting of mostly fairly traditional art – South African landscapes, portraiture, still life work etc.
I don’t what it is like now and decided to go along last Sunday to check it out.
I took my daughter Claire and my dad along and we had a pleasant morning strolling around the lake – but no art was to be seen anywhere. Maybe I had got the dates wrong?
Anyway, we went past Moyo – the African themed restaurant there and decided to sit down in their outdoor breakfast area for tea and muffins.
What a great venue, the day was sunny and the vibe relaxed but with a kind of arty African feel about it – the waitresses had these fascinating headdresses on and the Moyo painted face look – very cool.

We sat on couches next to the music platform set up for live music and before long my dad was chatting up a storm with the musicians who were standing around waiting for their gig to get going. Those who have read one of my previous posts will know that he is a keen harmonica/mouth organ player – for those in the know it’s really a “Blues Harp”.
I took Claire to buy a ball from one of the vendors hanging around and we had some fun kicking it around. By the time we got back to the couches my dad had exchanged numbers and made some new friends. They invited him to play his harp with them, but he didn’t have it with him so he returned later in the afternoon. I got a very chuffed father on the phone that evening to tell me he played some blues numbers on stage with them and even got a couple of encores from the appreciative audience!

I have yet to see him perform so still can’t tell you what I think but it can’t be too bad because they have invited him to perform with them at Moyo this coming Sunday 11 July.
As it happens it’s the same weekend the art exhibition is actually on so I have invited a couple of friends and we will make a nice day out of it. Possibly some other family members will be joining us too.
So if you haven’t got anything better to do and yes I do know it’s the same day as the Big Final of We All Know What, but we plan to be done and dusted in time for that, then come on down to Zoo Lake and support my dad in his first actual music gig.
I hear that the other musicians aren't half bad either and I can recommend the Moyo breakfast (well judging by the plates going past me it looked yummy) so I think I can safely say you will have a good time.