Friday, September 3, 2010

Artists Under The Sun, My First Exhibition and a Chance to Win a Free Painting

Some of you already know that I exhibited at Zoo Lake this last weekend along with 30 other new hopefuls – all vying for a space to exhibit there on a regular basis as a verified member of the Artists Under The Sun Association.
Many thanks to my friends and family who showed up in support, your visits were most welcome.
Well the good news is – I have been accepted!
They hold a selection weekend twice a year when the association sends round a bunch of fellow artists as judges, who decide whether your work is good enough for you to join up.

I was placed next to fellow hopeful Geraldine Smith, who like me likes to paint many different things but chose to display her desert landscapes for her selection exhibit.
I am pleased to say that she has been accepted too!

We spent a pleasant couple of days chatting about art and life and artists and music and more art. I got to meet a few fellow artists, some of whom make a full time living from their art, some who are still working towards such a goal. All agreed that the market is slow – signs of the economy and all that, but I feel positive towards a future time when things will improve.

I would also like to announce that my work is currently being exhibited at The Independents Dance Company at Brightwater Commons, so if you are in the area please pop in and have a look. You will get to see my latest abstract painting called Mind Emerging.

You may be wondering why I called it that. Well – I started off with the title Blue Emerging, as the blue seems to be emerging from under the red, but the work is mostly red not blue. Calling it “Abstract Red No. I” seems a bit boring.
I felt that the swirling red colour could be how our thoughts tend to swirl about and the Emerging blue represents the clarity of thought emerging through this swirling mass.
I could also call it “Thoughts Emerging”
Or I could have gone with the nifty little abstract art naming generator I found on the web which came up with the following suggestions:
“Absence with Reality”
“Momentary Emotion”
“Energy of Undefined”

Not so helpful:
“Dying Peasant First Part”
“Embarrassed Still Life with Reincarnated Depth”
“Drunk Boy – Oversize”
“Nudist Declining a Dog”
While I eventually chose my own title, this generator helped to clarify my thinking and inspired ideas.

So next time you go to an art gallery and see some abstract art – you could think the artist was being very enigmatic with the titles – or it could well be he used an automatic naming generator.
Maybe this is our way of making something that is decorative and looks nice on the wall appear to be oh so significant and esoteric and clever.
On the other hand – Mind Emerging sounds a whole lot better than “Untitled” or “Abstract Red No 1” and shows I did at least put some thought into my title.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Now I am going to make you think even more - if you can come up with a better title and can also say why you would call it that, I will let you have this painting for free.
The only proviso is that you need to sign up via the Email Subscription to the right and send me confirmation along with your ideas for a title.You also need to get at least one more person to sign up who is not already signed up.

I will then hold a vote for the best title at the end of October.

(NB if you are not local I will only ask a contribution towards shipping costs)