Monday, September 13, 2010

Independence is my middle name Mummy!

My daughter Claire recently reached the grand old age of two and a half.
Her latest catch phrase is “Wanna do it my big self”. This applies to dressing and undressing herself, taking off her nappy and putting on a new one, applying her own sun cream, squeezing the toothpaste onto her toothbrush and so on. Her favourite is to dig her fingers deep into the jar of Vaseline and smear it all over herself when having a nappy change – I still can’t quite get how she can do all this but still needs a nappy!
She also likes to put on her own socks – an interesting exercise which always needs a bit of a helping hand which of course annoys her as it interferes with her “my big self” mindset. She went through most of winter in sandals and no socks, now that summer is here she insists on socks plus boots. Leo says her thermostat must be broken.
Well this weekend she took her independence to new heights when she had her first sleepover at her cousin’s house. Her cousin Erryn is four going on five and the two of them get along very well. I took Claire round there on Saturday afternoon for a play session and when it came time to leave Erryn pleaded for Claire to stay over.

I asked Claire if she wanted to stay and the response was an immediate “Yes, Mummy”
“Are you sure? – I will be going home and will only fetch you tomorrow” I said.
“Yes Mummy. Go home Mummy” and she pushed me off the couch and towards the door.
“Ok then. I am going. Bye Claire – see you tomorrow.”
I waved goodbye and she did not even look up to see me leave.
I gave my sister in law instructions to call if there was any drama, but no call came and all was fine. I called the next day and Claire wasn’t even interested in talking to me on the phone.
The two girls had an amazing time together – they are both only children so having someone to play with was reason for much joy and excitement.
Leo and I took them both for lunch on Sunday – they were like two little chattering monkeys in the backseat of the car – there was much giggling and laughing – I have never seen Claire so animated. She announced “I love Erryn” and “Erryn is my best friend”.
I am hoping the two of them can share more weekends like this – one day perhaps we can even persuade Erryn to stay over.


  1. wow, that's amazing, i can't wait for Maya to do exactly that!! i am sure it is like taking a very heavy weight off your shoulders!!!! hope to see you guys soon

  2. Yes me too! Maya must have grwon a bit since I last saw her!