Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vision Boards - Do They Really Work?

I am a great believer in affirmations, vision boards and the like. I have read The Secret, The Success Principles and various other books on how to achieve what you want.
I am happy to report that this stuff works – it really does.
I have hankered for my very own art studio for many years - it was always my biggest excuse for not painting. Well, I eventually got one set up last year and at the start of this year I decided to take my art seriously and began painting for the first time in many years.
Around the same time I started my vision book – it’s an A4 hardcover book which I carefully covered in gold paper and plastic wrap (It’s gotta be special).
I found pictures of the things I wanted and put one on each page, plus I write in the book daily – with goals and affirmations.
Here are some of the things in my book:
A picture of a painting by a South African artist I admired and which I wanted to buy – this one took three months – it’s now hanging in my lounge.
A screenshot of my bank account with lots of money in it – still working on this one!
A picture of three different professional cameras – I was wanting a really good camera so I could take better source photos for my art – this goal took six months – my dad gave me his rather decent Pentax plus all the lenses out of the blue last month. NB – he knew nothing about this goal.
Two pictures of beautiful tango shoes – one pair has a high heel – since my foot op last November I have not been able to wear heels much – but my foot is getting better all the time and I know it is only a matter of time – I am aiming for three to four months from now.
I wrote down that I wanted an exhibition by February 2011 – achieved this goal a couple of weeks ago – so it actually only took seven months.
One of my friends is also my tango teacher and he is a great believer in my art. It so happened that suddenly the dance studio closed down unexpectedly and he had nowhere to teach (he works freelance). So he found a way to get the studio going again by taking over the premises, getting other teachers to join him putting in a new floor etc. He then suggested I exhibit my artwork in the studio – it has loads of wall space – so of course I agreed.
So now my work is looking good in there and everyone who comes to the dance studio gets to see it. He gets the bonus of filling up his empty walls and also a commission if any of them sell.

I have a few other things in my book too – one is to be a really good artist (I consider myself to be a work in progress) and the other is to sell two paintings by the end of the year.
I could say that I am astounded at how well my vision book is working – except that I believe in it so wholeheartedly that I am really not surprised.
So my suggestion to you is to start up a vision book of your own – it not only does not cost much, but it is an incredible motivator that can keep you going – it helps get through any bad patches – (like painter’s block) and reminds you constantly of what you are wanting to achieve. It is also an incredible way to keep you believing in yourself.

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