Sunday, October 24, 2010

Only Five Days Left

There are only five days left to enter the competition to win a free painting.
So far I have received three entries - but only one of them is valid since he subscribed as well.
Do you really want to let this person win by default or do you wanna give him just a little bit of competition?
Subscribing is easy - just enter your email on the right.
All this means is you get an email whenever I add a post.
You may also unsubscribe at any time.
I am perfectly happy to let my friend win my painting, but I know some of you told me you liked it and wouldn't mind winning it.
click here for details of the competition.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Tango at Last - Hooray!

I finally got my butt onto the tango dance floor on tuesday night.
This insomnia issue of mine seems to come and go, lately I have been quite stressed and thus sleep flies out the window.
By 8pm most nights I am completely wasted and ready to go to bed, and this makes it rather difficult to get out and tango. Sigh.

I think trying to run dual careers isn’t helping, I work for a UK firm and get paid in pounds, which as most of you know means the strength of the rand has impacted my income quite a bit, to the point where I can barely take any time off to paint.
So if you are wondering why I haven’t posted any art for a while, now you know why.
I have three paintings on the go, but they are a bit away from being ready to show the world.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the tango. I haven’t been to a milonga since that wonderful evening in honour of Fabian Salas last month hosted by Bert and Brigitte of Tango Tensity. Last night was the first night in ages where I felt awake and alive and able to commit to an actual night out.

One of the best parts for me – besides the dancing of course, is the wonderful welcome I receive every time I show up – I feel people I know are pleased to see me – the first person I met on my way in was Natasha who couldn’t wait to share the news that Ralph (Our local guru tango teacher who has been out of action due to an accident for some years and whom I had never met) was there and that she would love to introduce me – thanks Tash – I had a very lovely couple of dances with him thanks to you and can see why he is so popular. He complimented me on my dancing which made me feel really really good!
I had such a good time and got asked a lot – which does not always happen – maybe I was giving off good vibes or something.

I have to say that Erik was leading some great voleos last night – thanks to some lessons with Fabian – I will share a secret and tell you that voleos are my favourite move – I just love that swishy feeling in time with the music – it reminds me of a bandoneon.

Danie gave it his all with some fab moves and Vladi is so smooth to dance with – lovely!

Charles is getting better all the time – we even did a fun salsa together – didn’t even know he was a salsa man though having Sonia the Salsa queen of JHB as his tango teacher might have something to do with it!
I even managed to score some dances with Ryan – awesome!

I noticed Gail was showing off some really good footwork last night – well done Gail – now I must work on mine – I think my following is good but my tango technique could do with a polish.

I am holding thumbs I can sleep nicely on Saturday night so I can make it to the Sunday milonga at Monte Casino – had to skip last night though – sorry Ryan and Emma, but being a wife and mother means I can’t go out every night.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Remembering Patrick Evans

This post is dedicated to Patrick Evans, who passed away in his sleep last weekend at the age of 49.
We don’t know yet how or why and the news was rather sudden.
Patrick was the brother of a very good long standing friend of mine, Andrew, and I knew him well, though I had not seen him for quite a while.
Patrick was the sweetest, nicest guy, always ready with a smile and would go out of his way to help you if you needed it.
He was unsophisticated and unmaterialistic, his friends and family meant much more than material things.
Always living for today and never a concern about tomorrow – much to the consternation of his family, as his spending habits were shall we say – rather free.
Yet even though he hardly ever had much to call his own, I remember a well told family story about the time he won a huge pile on the slot machines at the Wild Coast Sun, enough to set him up for a while, but his generous nature compelled him to buy gifts for everyone he knew and throw a big party for all his friends until there was practically only small change left.
That was typical of Patrick, if he had it he would share it, tomorrow is another day.

I remember another funny story he told me about the time when living in Amanzimtoti, he was pretty broke and he and a friend found and chased a chicken, caught it, killed it and after a bad pluck job cooked it in the oven and tried to eat it. It turned out to be all feathers and scrawn and not worth the time and effort – it all sounded pretty yuck and all I can say is I am glad it wasn’t me. It made for a great story though and he had us in tears from laughing, although this story was told many years ago and my memory is fuzzy now whether it was Andrew or Patrick doing the telling – possibly both of them.

Patrick liked to fish and he loved living at the coast, he was also a pretty good photographer and showed me some fabulous photos he took of the sea – he had a real artist’s eye. He was also an avid Sharks supporter and I now have a Sharks baseball cap to remember him by – thanks Andrew.

Sadly and suddenly he is gone, I know the people who love him will miss him greatly.
I have his photo on my desk at the moment and my thoughts stray often towards him, a reminder that life can be all too short and all we can do is make the best of what time we have.
Patrick, this post is dedicated to you to share with the world what a special person you were, your memory will live on here, as well as in the hearts of those who love and miss you most.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Vision Board – Another Goal Achieved and The Queen Selling Bee of Zoo Lake

I have been laid low with a nasty tummy bug the last couple of days so haven’t been up to writing much.
This Sunday past I again exhibited at Zoo Lake; I didn’t sell anything, but managed to hand out my business card to some interested people so it’s a start.
Thanks to Vladi and Marlon who made a special effort to come and visit me at my stand, your support was most welcome.
I got to know a couple more artists, like Richard who was next to me and was reading a fabulous book on how to paint landscape by John Carlson, an artist from the 1920s and 30s – look him up he is brilliant!
Richard’s grandfather was one of the artist judges at the acceptance weekend so art is in his blood!
I also had the privilege of getting to know Maya, a self taught artist who sold a grand total of four paintings on Sunday – so I am nicknaming her Queen Selling Bee!
Geraldine was there again – one stand away - but it was a slow day for her too.
Exhibiting at Zoo Lake is turning out to be a fun experience – I am making some great new artist friends and there is a general atmosphere of support and friendship.
Artists have come up to have a look at my work and offered advice and support.
There is rejoicing all round if one of us sells a work and I got to share in Maya’s excitement that day because she was sharing my umbrella and was sat right next to me.
She has exhibited there four times and this is the first time she has sold anything.
She makes documentaries for Japanese television so at least she has a day job!
I suppose people might have seen her work on previous occasions and then decided to buy one on a subsequent visit.
Who knows!

I did ultimately manage to sell two paintings this week though – to none other than my dear non art loving husband. My two grey tree paintings have been hanging in our lounge and he has fallen for them big time and offered to buy them from me.
I am not sure if selling to one’s spouse counts as a real sale, but you get your sales where you can I guess!
I get to see them every day too so it’s a win win!
To be fair I gave him a special husband discount – and he is going to buy a whole bunch of art supplies for me.
One of my goals in my vision book was to sell two paintings this year so I guess that’s ticked then!
I’ve reached just about all the goals for this year so far – the rest are a bit longer term.
There are two left for this year – One to dance in high heels again and the other is to reach 58 kgs (Only one kilo to go!!!)
(Thanks to the tummy bug this goal has been given a little push - thanks Universe!)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Four Weeks Left To Enter

There’s four weeks left to enter the competition to win one of my paintings.
All you have to do is submit your email address on the right under the Subscribe by email heading, then contact me via email with your name for the painting.
It would also be helpful to add an explanation for your name, as everyone will get to vote and the best name will win.
Note that you may unsubscribe in the future at any time.
Here is the painting for those who missed the original post entitled “Artists Under The Sun, My First Exhibition and a Chance to Win a Free Painting”.
Each person who enters will get two votes, plus an additional two votes for each person they get to join in the competition.
For each pair of votes - you may only vote for your own name once, the other vote has to be for someone else's name.
So if you alone enter, you may vote once for your own name and once for someone else's.
If you get a second person to enter, then you may again have one vote for your own name and another vote for someone else.
I know some of you are already thinking hard for a name, but you do need to enter to win.
If you are stuck, use one of the nifty abstract naming generators found on the web.
Here is one
Abstract Art Title Generator

Or just type Abstract Art Naming Generator in Google.

The original work is on display at The Independents Dance Company at Brightwater Commons in Randburg.(Next to the Scuba Shop)
The cut off date for entries will be Friday 29th October 2010.