Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Tango at Last - Hooray!

I finally got my butt onto the tango dance floor on tuesday night.
This insomnia issue of mine seems to come and go, lately I have been quite stressed and thus sleep flies out the window.
By 8pm most nights I am completely wasted and ready to go to bed, and this makes it rather difficult to get out and tango. Sigh.

I think trying to run dual careers isn’t helping, I work for a UK firm and get paid in pounds, which as most of you know means the strength of the rand has impacted my income quite a bit, to the point where I can barely take any time off to paint.
So if you are wondering why I haven’t posted any art for a while, now you know why.
I have three paintings on the go, but they are a bit away from being ready to show the world.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the tango. I haven’t been to a milonga since that wonderful evening in honour of Fabian Salas last month hosted by Bert and Brigitte of Tango Tensity. Last night was the first night in ages where I felt awake and alive and able to commit to an actual night out.

One of the best parts for me – besides the dancing of course, is the wonderful welcome I receive every time I show up – I feel people I know are pleased to see me – the first person I met on my way in was Natasha who couldn’t wait to share the news that Ralph (Our local guru tango teacher who has been out of action due to an accident for some years and whom I had never met) was there and that she would love to introduce me – thanks Tash – I had a very lovely couple of dances with him thanks to you and can see why he is so popular. He complimented me on my dancing which made me feel really really good!
I had such a good time and got asked a lot – which does not always happen – maybe I was giving off good vibes or something.

I have to say that Erik was leading some great voleos last night – thanks to some lessons with Fabian – I will share a secret and tell you that voleos are my favourite move – I just love that swishy feeling in time with the music – it reminds me of a bandoneon.

Danie gave it his all with some fab moves and Vladi is so smooth to dance with – lovely!

Charles is getting better all the time – we even did a fun salsa together – didn’t even know he was a salsa man though having Sonia the Salsa queen of JHB as his tango teacher might have something to do with it!
I even managed to score some dances with Ryan – awesome!

I noticed Gail was showing off some really good footwork last night – well done Gail – now I must work on mine – I think my following is good but my tango technique could do with a polish.

I am holding thumbs I can sleep nicely on Saturday night so I can make it to the Sunday milonga at Monte Casino – had to skip last night though – sorry Ryan and Emma, but being a wife and mother means I can’t go out every night.


  1. Go Erik with the boleos - one of my favorite moves too !! May you be transported to the land of deep slumber every night (but especially saturday !), Karen !

  2. Thanks Tash - have had a good night every night this week so far so looking good!