Monday, October 18, 2010

Remembering Patrick Evans

This post is dedicated to Patrick Evans, who passed away in his sleep last weekend at the age of 49.
We don’t know yet how or why and the news was rather sudden.
Patrick was the brother of a very good long standing friend of mine, Andrew, and I knew him well, though I had not seen him for quite a while.
Patrick was the sweetest, nicest guy, always ready with a smile and would go out of his way to help you if you needed it.
He was unsophisticated and unmaterialistic, his friends and family meant much more than material things.
Always living for today and never a concern about tomorrow – much to the consternation of his family, as his spending habits were shall we say – rather free.
Yet even though he hardly ever had much to call his own, I remember a well told family story about the time he won a huge pile on the slot machines at the Wild Coast Sun, enough to set him up for a while, but his generous nature compelled him to buy gifts for everyone he knew and throw a big party for all his friends until there was practically only small change left.
That was typical of Patrick, if he had it he would share it, tomorrow is another day.

I remember another funny story he told me about the time when living in Amanzimtoti, he was pretty broke and he and a friend found and chased a chicken, caught it, killed it and after a bad pluck job cooked it in the oven and tried to eat it. It turned out to be all feathers and scrawn and not worth the time and effort – it all sounded pretty yuck and all I can say is I am glad it wasn’t me. It made for a great story though and he had us in tears from laughing, although this story was told many years ago and my memory is fuzzy now whether it was Andrew or Patrick doing the telling – possibly both of them.

Patrick liked to fish and he loved living at the coast, he was also a pretty good photographer and showed me some fabulous photos he took of the sea – he had a real artist’s eye. He was also an avid Sharks supporter and I now have a Sharks baseball cap to remember him by – thanks Andrew.

Sadly and suddenly he is gone, I know the people who love him will miss him greatly.
I have his photo on my desk at the moment and my thoughts stray often towards him, a reminder that life can be all too short and all we can do is make the best of what time we have.
Patrick, this post is dedicated to you to share with the world what a special person you were, your memory will live on here, as well as in the hearts of those who love and miss you most.

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