Friday, October 8, 2010

Vision Board – Another Goal Achieved and The Queen Selling Bee of Zoo Lake

I have been laid low with a nasty tummy bug the last couple of days so haven’t been up to writing much.
This Sunday past I again exhibited at Zoo Lake; I didn’t sell anything, but managed to hand out my business card to some interested people so it’s a start.
Thanks to Vladi and Marlon who made a special effort to come and visit me at my stand, your support was most welcome.
I got to know a couple more artists, like Richard who was next to me and was reading a fabulous book on how to paint landscape by John Carlson, an artist from the 1920s and 30s – look him up he is brilliant!
Richard’s grandfather was one of the artist judges at the acceptance weekend so art is in his blood!
I also had the privilege of getting to know Maya, a self taught artist who sold a grand total of four paintings on Sunday – so I am nicknaming her Queen Selling Bee!
Geraldine was there again – one stand away - but it was a slow day for her too.
Exhibiting at Zoo Lake is turning out to be a fun experience – I am making some great new artist friends and there is a general atmosphere of support and friendship.
Artists have come up to have a look at my work and offered advice and support.
There is rejoicing all round if one of us sells a work and I got to share in Maya’s excitement that day because she was sharing my umbrella and was sat right next to me.
She has exhibited there four times and this is the first time she has sold anything.
She makes documentaries for Japanese television so at least she has a day job!
I suppose people might have seen her work on previous occasions and then decided to buy one on a subsequent visit.
Who knows!

I did ultimately manage to sell two paintings this week though – to none other than my dear non art loving husband. My two grey tree paintings have been hanging in our lounge and he has fallen for them big time and offered to buy them from me.
I am not sure if selling to one’s spouse counts as a real sale, but you get your sales where you can I guess!
I get to see them every day too so it’s a win win!
To be fair I gave him a special husband discount – and he is going to buy a whole bunch of art supplies for me.
One of my goals in my vision book was to sell two paintings this year so I guess that’s ticked then!
I’ve reached just about all the goals for this year so far – the rest are a bit longer term.
There are two left for this year – One to dance in high heels again and the other is to reach 58 kgs (Only one kilo to go!!!)
(Thanks to the tummy bug this goal has been given a little push - thanks Universe!)

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