Monday, February 28, 2011

"I love Rammstyles Mummy" or Why Linkin Park’s Meteora is No More

If you read my previous post you will by now know that I am a big Rammstein fan.
So it is with great parental pride that I tell you this feeling is shared by my sweet three year old Claire.

Not so my dear husband Leo, whose South American sensibilities are hugely offended by all things alternatively skewed, he leans more towards your Latin Lounge salsa and samba rhythms – any heavy rock and he is running for the hills so to speak.
His opinion of Rammstein and their ilk goes along the lines of “How can you listen to that rubbish? This isn’t music, it’s #$%^%^& “ and so on and so forth.

So there am I, the day after the Rammstein concert, still on a buzz from such an awesome show, just itching to whip out a Rammstein cd and play it, so being the good parent that I am I ask Claire if she wants to hear Rammstein? Oh yes, indeed she does, So I scratch around my cd case for such but just can’t find it so I ask her if she would like a bit of Linkin Park instead, waving their Meteora cd under her nose? No problem, she wants that too, so in the cd player it goes. Turns out she loves them, indeed I must play it louder.

So louder it goes, with Claire nodding to the beat. I nip outside to hang some washing, when out marches Leo, blasting me about how I am corrupting our darling girl, next thing she will be wearing black with a piercing through her nose heaven forbid!

If my baby grows up to be a goth princess I don’t think it will phase me all that much but Leo is beside himself with worries and goes on and on about how crap my taste in music is etc, etc, so eventually I join him on the lose it road (we are both pretty volatile emotionally ) and take my Meteora cd and break it in two with a take that and shove it somewhere attitude.

I think he felt a bit bad later and offered to buy me another Linkin Park cd so I offered forgiveness if he bought me a Rammstein cd, since I couldn’t find the one I had.
Indeed – for Valentines day I got Rammstein’s Mutter (he was given careful instructions) – sigh – he is so romantic.

On the way home from school with Claire the next day I ask her if she wants to hear Rammstein and of course she does. So on it goes, Mein Hertz Brennt only reaches a few bars before the small voice at the back pipes – “Louder Mummy Louder” and “I love Rammstyles Mummy.”
Now, she knows very well how Daddy feels about Rammstein and I am certain there is an element of – “I like it cos Mummy does” but an even bigger element of “I like it cos it makes Daddy mad!”
All in all though, I would like to say that it is because at the tender age of three she recognizes great talent when she hears it!

Her current favourite tracks are Mein Hertz Brennt, Ich Will and Links!
Makes me think why “Baa Baa BLACK sheep” is her favourite nursery rhyme!

Now all I am wondering is if I can find a way to encourage these small goth beginnings, notwithstanding trying to find black items of apparel for a three year old could be trying, at least this will be a relief from the incessant pink she insists on currently wearing and at best it will annoy Daddy, and what’s life without it’s small pleasures eh?


  1. yeeah, it's a great band with best live perfomance ever! Their shows are exciting, so much fire, pyroeffects, the quality of sound are excellent! They are the best!

  2. Not to mention the awesome songs!
    I am proud to say my 3 year old Claire can now sing along to Mein Hertz and Ich Will. She loves them!