Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rammstein U Rock!

If I do nothing else for the rest of my life I still think I can say on my deathbed – I have truly lived!

If you were not at the Dome at Northgate on Friday night then you really did miss one of the most awesome shows I have ever attended.

There must have been a big competition going on between the pyrotechnic crew and the band for who could put on the better performance – so even non-Rammstein fans would have been entertained to say the least, and if that did not entertain you, then the crowd watching certainly would have.

For a bunch of people who profess to be alternative they really do have some kind of uniform going on – and it’s black! You either were wearing a black T shirt with Rammstein on it, a black T shirt with Metallica on it, or a black T shirt with a skull and crossbones on it.
If you wanted to push it a little bit further you could go as the guy dressed in a long sweeping black dress, with his goatee and boots he was Jesus meets Jedi Knight gone to the dark side. If you had a beard you had to make sure the beard was plaited, a tattoo or two also would not go amiss. A girlie wasn’t completely dressed without her clump clump lace-up boots and black corset, my personal favourite was the chick with three pony tails dressed in a medieval meets motorcycle chic ensemble. The icing on the cake was the guy in a full on gimp mask, which for those who don’t know is a bit of leather for your head – think Man with The Iron Mask but with leather instead of iron.

So the evening started out as highly entertaining, I could almost have hung around the beer tent all night, people watching.

. I felt a little on the understated side, with my simple black - hides all sins - black top (at least it was black) and my olive green preggie pants – not my ideal choice but my IBS tummy was playing up and I needed expansion room!

I know all those U2 fans out there will probably disagree, but my friend Charlie who came with me to the concert admitted he was extremely tempted to swop his U2 tickets for a front row position at a repeat of Friday’s event. Though it is just as well, cos the folks next to the stage are no doubt missing their arm hair and eyebrows right now.

Opening with a signature hit which goes “RAMM” …… “STEIN” (yes – he does sing nearly all the songs in capital letters) along with the lead singer’s deep and powerful German voice, the deep bass of the guitar sound and drums ensured you did not simple see and hear Rammstein, you felt them!
If that wasn’t enough, then the 15 meter high flames on stage along with the fireworks were sure to thrill you.

How can I describe a Rammstein song – hmmm – well the sound is heavy industrial rock with a hint of opera, the theme and feel of it is about power mostly, but with a sexual energy that seems to hint at the darker ways of getting your groove on – just makes me wanna do it with somebody – it feels like raw sexual power – yeah!
(Ahem – sorry Pa if you are reading this).

Before the show I was a bit concerned I might get bored through the songs I didn’t know – I love Rammstein but I am not a hard core fan – or should I say – I wasn’t, but now I am – but in fact there was not a single moment I did not thrill from the tips of my toes to the split ends on my head.

Which part shall I say was the highlight – hmm – was it the time the lead singer set a pot on wheels reminiscent of early 1900s industrial machine alight with his dragon breath, complete with man inside? All staged of course but still spectacular. Or was it the time he breathed a two meter long flame at one of the band members, setting him alight?
Or was it when 17000 men and women in black roared “DU!” DU HAST!” “DU HAST MICH!” during Du Hast?
Or was it in fact the time the key board player took to an inflatable boat, sailing on a sea of human hands? Or the fireworks set to fly right over the audience, expiring just in the nick of time?

Well, actually it was the way they made us wait right to the end, to even after they went off stage and came back on to do three more songs, before they wowed us with Ich Will, undoubtedly their greatest hit ever – I just knew they would not dare leave it out and the satisfaction of getting it right at the end was like delayed orgasm sex – soooo satisfying.
(Ahem – sorry Ma).

The show was so fantastic that even Charlie’s brother, dragged along to fill a spare ticket and who is more of a mainstream music kind of guy, bought a Rammstein T shirt afterwards.
So here I am, got my new Rammstein T shirt on, thinking “Ich Will … mehr Rammstein bitte!”

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  1. Hey Karen, sounds like a blast! Glad you had fun! Been reading the news reports and comments re Bono, seems like he's lost lots of SA fans overnight...