Monday, October 10, 2011

Vision Boards - An Update

So for those of you who are still in doubt about whether vision boards work let me give you an update.
My best friend Marlon, who shares my beliefs that all things are possible, has had a vision for a long time that we both knew if he achieved it, it would be true and final proof that this stuff works. Marlon has wanted his own TV show for quite a while, and this weekend he made his debut with the very first episode of Who's Your Daddy on channel 319. It is the first parenting show hosted by a guy and promises some very interesting topics on parenting from the male point of view. You can watch the live broadcast on saturdays at 9pm.

It has been tough going at times for him, I know first hand how much he struggled through so many roadblocks and tough times on his journey to his greatest desire. We mentor and encourage each other in all that we both want to achieve, sharing updates and giving each other a positive boost on our regular 5k walks.

Through this all he never gave up on his dream, even though it took somewhat longer than he thought it would he kept his self belief and faith that the day would come.
I must say that having at least one person who believes in you and is rooting for you makes it easier to keep the dream alive and I am so deeply chuffed that I got to be that person for him. Lucky for me he performs the same role on my behalf - I have many desires and dreams that I want to achieve and I have no doubt I will make them reality.
We both revisit our vision boards and vision books daily - it keeps us focused and reinforces our goals.

So my advice to you if you have a dream is this:
1. Never let others negativity influence you.
2. Keep a vision board or vision book and make use of it daily.
3. Know that there will be obstacles and roadblocks on the way ( Marlon's were particularly tough ones ) and believe that they are there to test you.
4. Never give up on your dream - ever.
5. Two useful phrases that if repeated every day can help you believe all things are possible :
a) Everything is possible for those who have faith (direct quote from the bible by the way)
b)Expect a miracle - it can happen.

To Marlon - here is my very public congratulations on what you have achieved so far, we both know this is only the beginning.
May everything you wish for come true, your abilities and self belief are simply astounding and I can't wait to see what you achieve next.


  1. Thanks Karen, you're the bestest friend anyone can ever have! Can't wait to share your joy when your dream becomes reality... and it will!

  2. Indeed - it will definitely be a dual celebration with lots of champagne!!!

  3. Congrats to Marlon, I will definitely try and catch the programme (never too late to learn!!) and hold on to your dream Karen, and I hope to still be around when it happens.
    Lots of Luv....Pa