My homepage at
Wonderful local site - one of the best I have seen for buying art

ArtBizCoachFabulous site for artists with lots of free tips on how to market yourself. I signed up for the blog postings and haven't regretted it.

Artbreak Great site with lots of artists. Artists give each other compliments and feedback - great for stroking the ego.

Novo Slovo Introspection A Croatian Arts and Culture magazine. They invited me to participate in their introspection which features artists from all over the world, showing their art and experiences in art.

My art bio on Novo Slovo

Empty Easel - Does your art have soul? An article I wrote for an art magazine called Empty Easel.

The art of James Foster This guy is good!

Garth Marais Contemporary South African artist who I am certain will be going places. So good I bought one of his works!